your custom drawings back, 2012

metal shelve, dry norway spruce trees.

91 x 31 x 91 cm

blue spotlight on untitled with seven skubb boxes, 2013

enamel on laminated plywood, skubb boxes, spotlight.

dimensions variable

old resound for a distinguished building, 2011

building wall, copper tube, ceramics, found atlantic ocean stones, cane, wood, water.

dimensions variable

follow me object series, Nº3, 2012

glass, portuguese cork ball

dimensions variable

follow me object series, Nº2, 2012

glass, cruise ship model

dimensions variable

awaiting a new order, 2012

found vintage electronics, vj frames, performer, eames aluminum chair, BL table & library

dimensions variable

quatro cunhas, 2012

found wooden barrel wedges

210 x 210 cm

follow me object series, Nº10, 2010

glass, portuguese havaianas sandals

dimensions variable

stick of  acquaintance, 2011

found atlantic ocean wood

228 x 38 cm

stick of  might, 2011

found atlantic ocean wood

228 x 4 cm

when spring returns…  , 2003

military blanket, flexible polyurethane, wood

104 x 182 x 24 cm

and without me, 2009

found wood drawers

dimensions variable

anyway let’s wash their summer dresses, 2012

concrete wash tub, cardboard, sewn frabric, nylon rope

60 x 86 x 75 cm

1 + 1 = 3   , 2010

earth from sugar street in lisbon, sweaty t-shirts

11 x 24 x 7 cm (brick size)

a seed on master mind, 2012

one of ai weiwei’s sunflower seeds, 70’s mini mastermind game

12.6 x 5.8 x 1.8 cm